Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm not a blogger, but blog I will.

I came on this site to delete the posts I had written years ago. . .and to wrestle once again with the idea of public verbal vomiting. . .

And then I read them, and I thought, they aren't nearly as terrible as I remembered. . .

I think that I need to write more frequently and to get thoughts from my mind articulated in a form that can be shared. Not necessarily because I feel I have something the world must hear, but because I have something I feel I must write. . .

How often? I have no idea.

How much will I promote this blog? No idea. The idea of self-promotion usually leads me to take a spiritual shower of repentance.

What will the content be? Let's keep that a surprise for both of us.

Until then, hold the line dear friends and put down deep roots in rich soil.

Matt O.


  1. Love it, keep on Matt O. I will now look forward to this!!!

  2. I've been through the same thoughts. I never wanted to blog, but then a writer told me it was a good habit... good for processing your thoughts, good for helping others process theirs.

    Glad to see another positive voice in the bulk of internet knowledge!